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Building lifelong relationships with Dad, because kids deserve both parents!

Value the role of Dad in the family! We Educate Dads and Families on the significant impact of early involvement of Dad’s in their children’s life.  We Inspire Dad’s outcome to include lifelong relationships with their children, strengthen their economic stability, and maintain healthy relationship between parents and families.

We are a new non-profit organization created March 2014 to meet Idaho’s need for a central place for children to stay connected to their Dads; where Dads and Families find information and resources on how to get involved in their children’s lives and stay connected by knowing their responsibilities, understanding their parental rights, and recognizing and addressing the needs of their children. We are dedicated to educate Dads and Families through awareness, information, and resources; and to the communities in Idaho of the existence and accessibility of Dad’s resources building stronger Idaho families.

Reminder to viewers we do not give legal advice and we do not provide legal representation.

VISION STATEMENT: Improve the well-being of children by supporting healthy relationships between parents.

In our first two years, Idaho Dads served over 100 children, Dads and families! Read more here in this November Issue of the Idaho Family Magazine feature story on Idaho Dads non-profit organization.

Idaho Dads is a 501(c)(3) tax exemption organization. Here is our IRS Determination Letter from the IRS. We graciously accept donations at any D.L. Evans Bank for Idaho Dads, Inc. account. THANK YOU!