Ada County Family/Street Law Clinic January 14, 2018 read more here FAMILY (STREET) LAW CLINIC  The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association Family Law Clinic is designed to provide on-the-spot legal advice to walk-in clients. The clinic is held at the downtown  Boise Public LibraryThis is a cooperative effort to help members of our community and aid law students and practitioners in their pro bono and volunteer efforts. It is staffed with law students from Concordia University School of Law and the University of Idaho College of Law as well as supervising attorneys from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Sign-up starts at 3:30 p.m.

Canyon County Family Attorney Clinic is EVERY 4th THURSDAY…FAMILY ATTORNEY CLINIC  Once a month A local attorney volunteer their time to advise pro se litigants for free.

Canyon County Legal Forms Workshop: The Court Assistance Office hosts a Legal Forms Workshop every Tuesday in the Canyon County Administration Building from 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The workshop is free to attend if you purchase one of the court form packets from the Court Assistance Office, which range from $15 to $30 depending on the packet, or download court forms.  Please note that individuals are responsible for downloading and printing the forms prior to attending the workshop.

STATEWIDE LEGAL CLINICS This handy calendar provides Statewide Legal Clinics.

WHEN COURT-ORDERED VISITATION DENIED Child Support can provide to you legal forms to enforce a visitation order on your own (referred to as “pro se”).  These forms are filed with the court in a request to suspend a parent’s license for denying court-ordered visitation.  You can either complete this process on your own or hire a private attorney to help you.  Click here to obtain these forms.

To get other free legal forms to obtain a legal change in custody or to have your child support order modified, visit the Idaho Court Assistance Office website.


Send it all to:
Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

Standard Application – Application process will take five to seven working days after application is received and verified in our office.

Rush Application – Application process will take a few working days after application is received and verified in our office. Please add an additional $10.00 per event requested, indicate RUSH on your application and write RUSH on the outside of your envelope.

SOCIAL SECURITY CARD You cannot file on-line but you can get the Application for a Social Security Card. A certified copy of your child(ren)’s birth certificate is also required. If you don’t know if the other parent or someone has already filed for a Social Security Card or received one for your child(ren) there is an option for “Don’t Know.”

DNA TESTING:  Statewide locations Wienhoff DNA  Testing offers DNA / Paternity testing in Boise, Fruitland, Nampa, Burley and Idaho Falls. If these locations are not close to you, call them at (800) 376-5693 to see who in your area Wienhoff partners with.

DDC DNA Diagnostic Center: These folks have 23 locations in the state of Idaho. Their number is 800-613-5768 and their website also has a link for testing prices and ordering information.

Ahead of the Kurve, LLC: Ahead of the Kurve can help provide the answers to paternity and other life altering questions quickly, painlessly and compassionately.  We offer legal binding test results that can be used in a court of law.  Confidentiality and privacy are our core beliefs.

COURT ASSISTANCE OFFICE (CAO) can be found in all 44 counties and 7 Judicial Districts across the state. Business hours vary depending on availability of staff. For a full listing of contact information and hours, please either select your county on the right or click on your Judicial District on the map below. Most of these CAO offices offer forms workshops.

IDAHO STATE LAW LIBRARY  In part, their primary mission to help increase the public’s access to and understanding of the court system.

COURT FORMS-FAMILY RELATED  These forms are from the Idaho Supreme Court website. Form packets are available as doc/rtf, pdf, and some packets are available in an online interactive format.

ONLINE LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE  The Lawyer Referral Service  is Statewide and is operated as a public service of the Idaho State Bar. These attorneys have agreed to provide their clients with an initial $35 half-hour office consultation fee.

throughout the state of Idaho.

IDAHO LEGAL AID  This is a non-profit law firm and communication education organization.


DadTake time to be a positive and supporting part of your child’s life. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse resources and links on  link are a great starting place to learn more. FATHERHOOD.GOV   check out the FOR DADS section.